If cargo aircraft are what you need, we stand ready to supply you what is needed.

Our Boeing 737-800s and 737-300 will allow you to carry your important cargo to your destination in a safe, quick and cost efficient manner. We know that when the demand is needed to move cargo quickly, we are available to minimize the downtime and deliver the product as soon as possible.

We provide services to some of the top Cargo providers in the world.  Whether it is long-term, contracted lift that you need or just seasonal support, contact Us to learn more about how we might customize a solution to meet your needs.



Max Payload: 40,840 lb

Usable Volume

  • Main Deck: 3,980 ft
  • Forward Hold: 408 ft
  • Aft Hold: 565 ft


  • (8) 88” x 125” ULD + (1) 88” x 125” Pallet
  • (8) 88” x 108” ULD + (1) 88” x 125” Pallet (LD9/AAK)
  • (7) 96” x 125” ULD + (1) 88” x 125” Pallet (LD9/AAK)


Main Cargo Compartment

ATA 03-60 Loading Configuration

There are two basic ULD loading configurations and one additional optional loading configuration.

Basic Loading Configuration

In this configuration eleven (11) 88″x125″x82″ containers (AAA/AAC/AAY) + one (1) 79”x60.4”x64” (AKE) container can be loaded into the aircraft.

If pallets are carried, height is limited to 79″.

Alternative Loading Configuration

In this configuration nine (9) 88″x125″ pallets 79″ high maximum + one (1) 79”x60.4”x64” (AKE) container + one (1)
longitudinally oriented, CLS or tiedown- restrained 125″ x 96″ pallet can be loaded into the aircraft.

The over-wing position is capable of hauling a CFM56-7B engine or general freight weighing up to 13,500 lbs.