In December 2021, iAero Airways successfully completed its International Aviation Transportation Association (IATA) Operational Safety Audit and its IOSA registration was extended another 24 months.


Our guiding principle will always be safety first. This commitment drives our company and our operation. We want to be the best airline for our customers. We accomplish this by dedicating ourselves to their safety with no compromise, while providing outstanding customer service


We are proud to have assembled one of the finest aviation maintenance teams with over a century of collective experience. Using SMS and CASS principles, our 50 crew-qualified flight mechanics and multiple maintenance bases across the country ensure our aircraft are always at their best.

iAero Airways Safety Statement

At iAero Airways, Safety is always Priority #1. Our Safety Policy empowers any employee to halt any operation if they believe it cannot be completed in a safe and regulatorily compliant manner without fear of reprisals or other punitive action. We also have incorporated a fully integrated Safety Management System throughout the organization.

Through this system, we are able to identify hazards within our operation and their associated risks, develop and implement controls to mitigate these risks, and perform continuous monitoring to ensure continued effectiveness.   Whenever a new hazard or ineffective risk control is identified, we have processes in place to perform Root Cause Analysis to determine the primary causal factor(s) involved and make any corrections needed to return the operation to an acceptable level of risk.

All employees are afforded the capability to file Safety Reports detailing any events or concerns that Management needs to be made aware of. Through these reports, we can correct any deficiencies identified through our SMS processes. In conjunction with this reporting program, operational employees are provided another reporting system they can use to voluntarily self-disclose any unintentional non-compliance with regulations or company policies and procedures. Like our other reporting program, these reports are confidential and no punitive actions will be taken against the submitter provided the established acceptance criteria has been met.

Additionally, our Internal Evaluation Program conducts regular audits to verify our departments are following our established policies and procedures, as well as measure our performance against leading industry standards and best practices. Findings from these audits are processed between the Safety Department and the auditees in order to achieve the desired results.

To further demonstrate our commitment to Safety, we voluntarily elected to exceed the regulatory requirements to operate and meet the highest standards set forth within the IATA Operational Safety Audit.  By satisfactorily completing our initial audit, we achieved membership status with IATA. We will continue to commit the resources necessary to complete all subsequent biennial renewal audits to maintain this membership.

As a means of assessing our own performance, Safety Objectives have been established with goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-based. These Safety Objectives are monitored continuously by the Safety Department and are a key component of our Monthly Safety Meetings, where our Process Owners keep the Accountable Executive updated on the state of each goal, any challenges identified, and what actions are needed by the Accountable Executive to make sure we meet our Objectives.

Finally, our Accountable Executives routinely meets with our Process Owners to reaffirm that our #1 focus is Safety throughout the organization, and that they make sure all of our employees know the standards for Safety we must maintain as we continue to expand the size and scope of our operation.

Shelby Oest, Director of Safety and Security
Tim Rainey, President