On Demand Charter and Group Travel

Mixed & full coach configurations

We can offer a different variety of interior configurations depending on what is needed for the discriminating client. Whether a First Class/VIP requirement, or an interior that requires a more compact mode of flying, the change can be made usually overnight. Of course, with interior changes, the adaptation for a more involved level of service can also be provided depending on the wishes of the client.

Customizable Catering

Customized catering is our forte!  You name it, we can produce it. From a hot towel service with a first- class service featuring elegant hot meals, to athletic sized sandwiches, and even down an assortment of standard beverages and dry snacks, we can provide what is needed!

Gogo Inflight

Need to stay connected for the very important meeting or approving that email, then the WiFi that we provide on our aircraft will keep you linked in style. We feature the Gogo Inflight WiFi system that is reliable and allows for multiple users to keep in touch while in the air.  (Not available on all aircraft)

Rebranding options for operators

Need customization for your group or VIP client?  We can provide logo-branded signage for the interior of the plane, custom cups, napkins and to even customization of the some food items.